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SVG: The Sad Truth About Nintendo Switch Cartridges

The Nintendo Switch console has had an amazing life ever since it debuted, giving fans plenty of awesome first party games and more indie titles than players can fit on their internal memory. But when it comes to third party titles that enjoy a presence on multiple platforms, Nintendo Switch owners often find that the price tag is just a little higher than that of their Xbox One or PlayStation 4 counterparts. Why do these games, usually some of which are previous releases that have received ports on the Switch, cost so much more? It might be confusing to longtime gamers and perhaps even infuriating for some Nintendo fans who want to stay loyal to the company, but there’s a pretty interesting reason that pretty much boils down to Nintendo’s medium of choice. It turns out that the Nintendo Switch cartridges are to blame, mainly because they’re not easy to produce in mass quantities.

Nintendo needs to hurry to fix this process for the Switch
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