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Pope John Paul II visit Haiti (1983)

Report on the journey of JEAN PAUL II in Haiti. On this occasion, the journalists collected the testimonies (sometimes in Creole) of Haitians of the countryside and the city, on the relations between the church, representative of the government and the Haitians but also on the misery. A stone journalist expresses the wishes of the population for more social justice, a better distribution of wealth, less illiteracy and shantytowns. On his arrival the pope is received by Jean Claude DUVALIER. During the mass, followed by a crowd of spectators, the pope in his homily, denounces the misery and recalls the respect of the rights of the man. But what will remain of this visited besides the badges ... And a financial hole? last picture: the brown negro statue, in voiceover, the prayer of the Haitian people to the pope written by the peasant communities. Plans of Port au Prince: street scenes, walking, buses, Mass plans and voodoo ceremony. (RFO Martinique Report) [/ QUOTE]
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