Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka says she is happy, but also surprised about winning the women's singles title at the Australian Open.

Osaka spoke to reporters in Melbourne on Sunday, a day after she defeated Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic in the tournament final and won her second straight Grand Slam.

The victory sent her to the top of the women's singles world rankings.

Osaka said being the world's No. 1 female tennis player means a lot to her. She said that was one of her goals when she was growing up.  

Naomi Osaka followed up her US Open triumph with aplomb in Melbourne, outlasting two-time Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova to win her second Grand Slam title and the battle for World No.1 at the Australian Open.

-WTA Tennis

This is great I enjoy watching her play. She is amazing.

Jwè tenis Japonè dorijin ayisyèn Naomi Osaka kale Tchèk Petra Kvitova 7-6, 5-7, 6-4 pou l ranpòte tounwa tenis Open Ostrali a ki t ap dewoule nan vil Melbourne. Viktwa sa a vle di Osaka klase nimewo 1 tenis mondyal kategori feminen. 
my haitian creole still  a work needs work.
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Hertz Nazaire nazaire73
weird anime dark skin has always been pretty good why draw her so light?

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wow I need to watch more Tennis did not know she was half Haitian.
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Li Dezod
Keep winning!
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Port Au Prince
I'll keep watching her matches â¤â¤
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Haiti All Star
I want to visit Japan
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