I have a simple question. I am writing a book, and one of my characters is Haitian. I want to make sure I have represented her correctly.

She and her husband own a farm called San Danje, which I intended to mean "safe haven." Is this the proper translation, or would there be a better way to say this? And is it more correct to refer to the language as creole, or kreyol?

Thank you.
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Hertz Nazaire nazaire73
If you want 'Safe Haven' and Kreyol is a mixture of French and African languages the word safe haven in french is refuge
in Kreyol refij san danje. but the tranlation really means a refuge without danger. San Danje would mean without danger to most Haitians reading it.

We would not think of something like Safe Haven but 'Without Danger'

It works but it all depends on what you want to convey 

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Thank you nazaire73, I figured there would be an issue. So I have a couple of follow up questions.

Is it possible to say "The Refuge" or "The Sanctuary" ? in terms of it becoming a proper noun or proper name?

Another thought was "san malis" or something along those lines.

I want the farm to have a name that is catchy and easily rolls off the tongue, but focuses on the meaning of "a place that provides shelter." This family provides for refugees not only from Haiti, but from a terrible series of events that are happening in the U.S.

Thank you again.
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