I see kreyol.com has had a Haitian Creole Bible for many years now. Is there a Quran (Koran) in Kreyol online somewhere?

I now Islam is not common in Haiti but just curious if there is a translation.
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Hertz Nazaire nazaire73
Welcome to the Haiti Forums G,

A good question. I've searched but not have found one I could put up.

When I first started the site in 1999 finding a Haitian Creole Bible was not hard at all because christian missions to Haiti is an ongoing thing.
Haitians love being Christians but Islam is still fairly new among the public although historically Islam had a greater impact all over Africa and many of our ancestors might have had ties to Islam rather than what we gained from France and slavery.

I'll look into it, since it is only fair that Islam also gets representation in Kreyol.
If anyone wants to help let me know. My Haitian Creole is not that great that is the main reason I started the website so it won't be easy to put up a Quran translation.

Islam sticks with Arabic language anyway just like Christianity was stuck with Latin for a very long time and only the most educated could read the book for themselves. Islam has that language barrier as well. The Recitation and Prayers are done in Arabic, it is both cultural and sacred to muslims. So a Haitian Creole translation would only be done solely for educational and refrence purposes. 

I'll look into it.

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