ACLU: Black man detained as he moved into his home

The Kansas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has asked state officials to investigate after a black man was detained by police while moving into his home. The incident was captured on police body camera and occurred last August.

Worst part:

The ACLU contends that public records show no reported burglaries in the area. And for weeks after the incident, according to Robinson, Tonganoxie police frequently patrolled around his block, parked their squad cars directly across the street almost every evening and on one occasion followed him from his home for more than 7 miles (11 kilometers) until he reached the highway. He claimed that Lawson, the police chief, also stopped him in October from filing a racial bias complaint about the Aug. 19 incident and the police presence afterward, which Robinson said amounted to surveillance.

He said the harassment stopped after he complained to The Kansas City Star.

“Each of these incidents would be concerning had they been alleged independently,” the ACLU said in the letter to the attorney general’s office. “Together, they suggest a pervasive culture of racial bias and systemic process failure within the Tonganoxie Police Department.”
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my brother said, "That's very comforting..."
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Hertz Nazaire nazaire73
Yeah, nothing screams "breaking in" like carrying a TV INTO the house.

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The town of 5,400 in northeastern Kansas is 97 percent white, census figures show. And it has A LOT of break ins. 
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